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Thiering Barbara: Jesus & the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Ca. 451 S. Geb. "The virgin birth, the miracles, and the ressurection can be viewed in an entirely new light... They never were literal events ... nor were they myths, traditional legends, as scholars often held. Something really did happen, and what happened opens up a whole new understanding of historical Christianity" (from the introduction).
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Vekathanam Mathew: Indian Christology
Perspectives and Challenges. Ca. 1020 S. PP. HINWEIS: Gebundene Ausgabe.
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Viti Paolo: Firenze e il Concilio del 1439
Convegno di Studi Firenze, 29 novembre - 2 dicembre 1439 a cura di Paolo Viti. Bibliotheca Storica Toscana a cura della deputazione di storia patria per la Toscana XXIX. 2 Bände.
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Würzburg a living city - une ville vivante
Bearbeiter: Sauer W. / Strauch U. KT. Abb.
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